Spring Has Sprung

“A man’s heart — aye, and a woman’s, too — should be light in the spring. The spirit of resurrection is abroad, calling the life of the world out of its wintry grave, knocking with radiant fingers at the gates of its tomb. It stirs in human hearts, and makes them glad with the old primal gladness they felt in childhood. It quickens human souls, and brings them, if so they will, so close to God that they may clasp hands with Him. It is a time of wonder and renewed life, and a great outward and inward rapture, as of a young angel softly clapping his hands for creation’s joy.”

—from Further Chronicles Of Avonlea by Lucy Maud Montgomery

Leslie has nurtured my appreciation for wonderful quotes, so when I read this for the first time just a few days ago I knew I wanted to post it on our blog for the first day of spring. And so, here we are!!

Recently I picked up Chronicles of Avonlea and Further Chronicles Of Avonlea at a secondhand book store. Those of you who have read and loved the Anne and Emily books by LMM will enjoy these two volumes of short stories that are set in the world of Anne of Green Gables, the beautiful Prince Edward Island. They are delightful, heart-warming little stories which I’ve been enjoying in small bits during Josiah’s feedings. I recommend them highly.

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  1. Hmmmm… you displace my picture of elephant butts with flowing prose that borders on poetry? Who do you think our target audience is, anyway? 🙂

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