Ok, that is probably not the most genteel way to start a post about your darling little baby who is, perhaps, the most jolly and good-natured 5 1/2 month old on the planet. Sweet-natured he is, to be sure. He is also the most PRODUCTIVE child I’ve ever seen in the area of, how else can you say it nicely?, poopie.

(Note: if you don’t like reading about bodily functions and the yuckiness therein, you might want to pass on this post!)

And yes, I know, we have probably sunk to an all-time low note on this blog: ranting about shopping trips, posting pictures of elephant tookies, and now expounding on the matter of baby poopie. Hopefully our readers will not be offended. But hey, it’s part of life!

So, back to our story….

Those of us with children know how great it is to have things like baby swings around the house, for babies to play in when Mommy or Daddy cannot hold them, and toys such as Johnny Jumpers, for baby exercise, etc, etc. Over the last 7 years of parenting we’ve established quite a nice collection of these baby apparatus, including, in addition to the aforementioned swing and jumper, a bouncey chair, an exersaucer, a highchair, and a gymini. Josiah loves them all, though his personal favorite seems to be the jumper, and he can entertain himself and bounce around in that for what seems like FOREVER (but is probably only about 30 – 45 minutes). Still, a lot of exercise for a baby!!

Oftentimes, while our good natured baby is in one of these apparatus, he will start fussing, and we’ll wonder why. He’s already been fed, his diaper was just changed, it’s not time for a nap yet, so what is wrong? (When you have a generally happy baby, it just doesn’t make sense for them to start fussing soon after they’ve begun playing in one of their favorite toys.) Usually this crying means only one thing: Josiah has had a diaper moment, and quick as a flash, the moment has actually exited the diaper and is now all over him, and all over the fabric of whatever piece of equipment he is currently in. He is not happy with this state of things, and how can we blame him?? At any rate, we then have to wrestle him out of the now-disgustingly dirty toy, trying very hard not to touch the area from his mid-back to his chubby knees, b/c all his clothing in that area too, is covered in baby poop.

Sadly, this scene happens quite often around the Horne household, almost daily in fact. And if you think I’m exaggerating, just ask these sweet family members (who witnessed a stunning blowout on Thanksgiving Day), or these dear friends (who were treated to a lovely display of Josiah’s abilities as we tried to sit down to supper recently), or these lovely folk (he’s performed several times in their presence). There are plenty of other witnesses you could check with, but none of them have blogs.

Well, in the last 36 hours, our young Josiah has again rendered unusable (until carefully washed and disinfected!) the following pieces of play equipment:

the swing
the johnny jumper
the exersaucer
the bouncey chair.

And you should know, that we JUST washed and reassembled the saucer, jumper, and bouncey chair last week. LATE last week. As in Friday and Saturday.

All this doesn’t even begin to touch on the piles (yes dear readers, PILES) of soiled clothing, blankets, jammies, and changing pads that this kid produces. We ought to seriously consider buying stock in Shout, considering how many containers we go through. Amazingly, I have (with the help of my handy stain-remover bottles) conquered all poopie stains to this date, so that is comforting.

Plus, this sort of thing really helps to drive home how thankful I am to have a washer and dryer in my home that I can use whenever I need. What a blessing. It makes managing the poop SO much easier!!

Well, enough of this talk. I have preyed upon your patience long enough. I leave you with my own special version of a Tears for Fears tune which you’ll find me singing around here (using my bottle of Stain remover as a handy mike) at least once a day:

“Shout, shout, get the stains out, these are the things I can do without!”

7 Replies to “SO MUCH POOP!!!”

  1. Bwa-ha-ha!! Wow. Between you and Stephanie, you guys (with your poopie and elephant tushies and toilet stories) pretty much have the potty blog topics covered (no pun intended!). Leave some for the rest of us!! 🙂

    I love the song though. From now on, I’m going to sing it (in just a few minutes) everytime I load up the washing machine–which is quite often around here.

  2. We’ve been pretty fortunate in that regard, though there was the one day we left Jay upstairs in the swing, and when I went back to get him, found poop all along the trajectory a wet projectile would travel after having been flung by the swing as well as (of course) all over the swing and the backside, legs and feet of our precious, stinky little boy. Good thing there were reinforcements to call in (though he didn’t believe me at first when I said come and bring cleaning supplies).

  3. Great hearing poopie stories ! When Steph was a baby she also was a poopie baby. As a nurse it never phased me until the day she was in the swing, poop oozing thru he cloth seat & the dog acting like she was in a candy store ! Even I had a gross moment !!! But alas she has grown up & I shall never tell her fiance that !!

  4. No day is complete without a blowout to clean up.

    My sense of humor is a little juvenile, but I like to imagine what the world would be like if all adults wore diapers. Imagine being in a meeting or standing in line at the grocery store and seeing the person across from you with That Baby Face—the tell-tale grimace, tremoring neck muscles and reddening complexion. “Does Mr Jonsson have a poo-poo?”

  5. Happy Birthday, Tricia — a day late! And no, the poopie stories didn’t remind me, but your sis-in-law’s blog. I know you have new contacts, so hopefully being able to see again helped make your day more special. We love you!

  6. HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY TRICIA. Hope your Saturday celebration goes wonderful. Enjoy reading your blogs and very glad those days of diapers are in the past and not yet in my future. By the way, I’ve linked you to my blog.

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