Caption Contest

My brother recently hijacked his wife’s blog to initiate a caption contest. I liked it, so of course I plan to imitate it. Here is my offering, taken at a recent trip to the Fort Worth zoo.
Captions, anyone?

5 Replies to “Caption Contest”

  1. Jay, you should submit this pic to, they do a weekly “craption” contest and are always looking for good pics; this one would definitely qualify.

    Here are my 3 I came up with just off the top of my head:

    “Alright, which one of you jerks is buying me a new pair of shoes?”

    “Bachelor #2, what do you look for in a woman?”

    “Quick, hide the cantaloupes, Sherman’s coming!”

  2. [INTERIOR MONOLOGUE] “Alright, who is that in the handicapped stall? I’m going to remember what those shoes look like for next time I wander around the office.”

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