It’s a bunch of hype… I mean a scooter! Although, if you’ve ever seen Kegan’s wheelchair in action (climbing stairs, etc), you know that the guy can put gyroscopes to good use. Here’s the problem. The scooter is being sold as an auto replacement. But to focus on getting from point A to point B as the only value of autos, and then design an alternative around that analysis is very short-sighted. Autos don’t simply get you there, they get you there comfortably in all sorts of weather. They allow for contingencies, such as taking on passengers, or carrying a bag with a change of clothes.

Kegan’s scooter looks fantastic, but they should be marketing the thing explicitly for the market it is obviously designed to reach, city pedestrians. And even then, at 65 pounds for the consumer model, it won’t be altogether easy to load it in the taxi when it starts to rain.

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  1. I agree completely with your analysis. Another case of over-hyping something that may have a practical application…but it’ll never replace the automobile.

    People in the sticks won’t go for it, either. It simply looks too gay (and I don’t mean gay as in happy). Best for the Upper West Siders. It looks just big enough to take up too much floor space in your cubicle, unlike a mountain bike.

  2. Those are great points. It doesn’t at all disparage the value of the product, either, to point those out. I would absolutely love to have one, though. Not as a replacement for my car; but maybe as an alternative instead of having a bike? That probably puts me squarely in the loser category, but I get tired riding my bike around. Plus, this just sounds funner than a bike.

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