Broadband is back

Incredibly, our cable modem service returned around midnight last night. I had heard, from three different sources, that it would take 5/7/14 days to restore service. AT&T Broadband Internet did it in under two. When was the last time you heard of a technology project completing in less than half the projected time?

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  1. That’s how Gateway got a lead in the markent long ago… they set standards really low and then did pretty average. The pyschological effect was pretty amazing. They offered comparable service time with Dell. But Dell guaranteed it, so people expected more from them. Gateway did not, but then delivered similar services. People though Gateway was heaven sent… and Dell was Satan incarnate for delivering a computer a day late.

    Tell somebody that wouldn’t know any better that the job will take months. Do it in weeks… and they don’t even know that it really should have been done in days.

  2. JW> You beat me to this thought. There’s no reason this should take more than a day.

    Why does xDSL take so long to install, and is still such a painful mess, despite the hyped rollout? Because Verizon and Qwest decided it should take a couple of weeks, even if your CO is only a thousand feet away as the crow flies. So, that’s what everybody accepts. This isn’t going to change soon, with broadband providers going belly-up daily.

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