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Richardson, TX is in the news (see top item). For those who don’t know, I live and work in Richardson (a northeast suburb of Dallas, home to the Telecom Corridor). The ISP that got hit is just down the street from the offices of a friend of mine, who had the pleasure of watching a swarm of people wearing jackets with ‘FBI’ in loud yellow print on the back descend on the place.

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  1. On a side note…how would you describe the job market in Richardson? I’ve been there once to do a training session when I worked for a telco (PBX tech). I know as well as the telcos, Brinks has their major call center there, &c. A friend asked me if I knew anyone who lived there; he’s not sure if he wants to commit to life in suburban Dallas and the amount of traffic and people concentrated in that area, but that’s the breaks. If not, he’ll wind up as a PBX technician for a smaller shop.

  2. Well… keep in mind I work for Nortel, where we have layed off over 5000 of the 10k or so people who worked for the company in Richardson. The job market has been fantastic for many years and is still strong in some areas. And I am very confident it will rebound as quickly as any locale.

    Regarding the traffic, it really isn’t that bad so long as you stay north of LBJ (the north side of the loop around Dallas). Richardson has fantastic infrastructure (a three lane, seperated road every mile or so)… but it is an ugly part of the country.

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