Goner virus

My first virus ever… I had quite a streak going, given that I download stuff all the time (broadband and all, you know). But my wife called me this afternoon to explain that Outlook was freaking out and that when she had opened this particular email from a friend of hers, she’d promptly seen several hundred email show up in the outbox.

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  1. I’m surprised you got hit with this. It’s fairly unpleasant, like most virii, but it’s disguised as a screensaver. Don’t you already have a screensaver?

  2. It’s common knowledge in the IT industry (esp. the sysad people) that Outlook Express has more holes than very fine swiss cheese. I have no idea why anybody would still want to use it…other than the fact that it’s the default bundled software.

    Let the masses have the McDonald’s of email clients (oops, I meant virus clients). Even Eudora is better.

  3. Oh dear. Must I defend myself on my own blog?! 🙂

    Outlook (not express) is an excellent tool for general family information management. For me, it replaced a combination of an email client and an Access database I had put together. After a short learning curve, my wife was fully on board and using it instead of those scraps of paper, various address books, and numerous calendars.

    By syncing my Palm at both work and home, I have instant access to our social calendar and church activities as well as my work schedule. Selecting and printing mailing labels for our Christmas letter (around 75-90 folks) takes all of 15 minutes.

    Regarding the virus, that was more or less my fault. I had gotten lazy and had not purchased a new subscription for NAV. I now have NAV 2002 running and checking each email as it comes in.

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