Welcome, Baby Sarah!

I have been remiss in officially welcoming our newest niece/cousin. We are delighted to announce the birth of Sarah Kathryn, delivered Monday, October 25th. She is welcomed by proud Mommy (Katie) and Daddy (Peter), as well as adoring big sister Ellie.

Abigail and I had the privilege of seeing Sarah when she was only a few hours old. This was big treat for me as well as Abigail, who was delighted to get to help hold her baby cousin. Welcome to the world, Baby Sarah! We are so glad you are a part of our family!

2 Replies to “Welcome, Baby Sarah!”

  1. How sweet! 🙂

    All of these pictures are terrific, but I must give extra credit to Katie, who looks absolutely wonderful after the birth! Congratulations, Brunones!

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