Just Hanging Around

We’ve neglected our blog over the past couple weeks as we attended to other matters for a time.

Last week we had a houseguest: our cousin/niece Evangeline joined us for a few days while she and her brothers were in town for a visit (the boys stayed over at Grammy Ruth’s and GranDaddy John’s). We enjoyed having all of them closeby for the week. The kids all loved being together and it was a great visit.

Then there is the project that Jay has been working on for some weeks now…but he’ll have to tell you about that himself. (Hint, hint, Jay!!)

Besides this, all of us have been rather ill. We all caught colds last week, some of which have turned into sinus infections (Mommy in this case being the sickest, which is unusual for our family) and on top of this, several of us are dealing with pink eye. Fun, fun. Our family bonding ritual has now become everyone lining up for the administration of their “drops”.

Being around the house for a decent amount of time has given me time for pause and thought (in between administering eye drops, wiping noses, and trying to contain the spread of germs – though this last item seems rather a joke at this point). Even as we deal with illnesses we have access to such creature comforts: central heat and humidifiers, ready access to medications of most every kind, disposable tissues, library books to read together, videos and dvd’s from our local store to help entertain the very sick, groceries aplenty only a mile away, not to mention restaurants which serve up anything we want at a moment’s notice for us to enjoy in the comfort of our own home. For these things I am grateful, for I know they make our days at home somewhat easier.

Not that I have totally enjoyed this little foray into the land of everyone in the family being sick. I admit I am ready to see some indications that some of us are on the mend. I would like to be able to breathe through my nose again, and I will enjoy venturing forth from our sickhouse in the near future to experience other people and places.

Till then, we are here. I hope all those reading are healthy and well, and looking forward to a time of Thanksgiving next week.

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