Embarassing Words

Yesterday after picking kids up from school, we ran an errand to look for a winter coat for Jonathan. As I was unloading the kids from the minivan, Abigail said something and included the word “blast!” in her sentence. I very gently admonished her, saying, “Abigail, it’s not ladylike to say ‘blast’. Please try not to use that word so much”.

The words were still on my tongue as I, in the act of climbing into the van to extricate young Nicolas from his carseat, hit my head quite hard on the edge of the roof/side door opening. And what should come out of my mouth just a nanosecond after my correction to my daughter? “Oh, crap!” (It really did hurt!!)

Surely someone reading can identify with how a parent feels in such a situation. I was absolutely mortified, ashamed, humbled, whatever adjective you feel appropriate.

“Don’t worry that your children never listen to you.
Worry that they are always watching you.”
— Robert Fulghum

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