3 Replies to “Snow Day 2004”

  1. That’s a good point….
    Hey guys, we only live about 7 miles north of you, how did we get so much more snow coverage than you? Our patio and grass were completely covered…by about 4 inches or so!

    Where’s a good meteorologist when you need one? (ha ha…)

  2. Two things:
    Our pics were taken in the early afternoon. We got out in the snow later in the day due to waiting till Jay/Abigail returned home from a late morning birthday party and trip to Target, so although there was more snow coverage earlier, some was already beginning to melt away by 1pm when we went out.
    I guess the several miles north might affect actual snow fall and temperatures…or perhaps the direction the house faces, increasing or decreasing exposure to sun? Ask Mr Weatherman!

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