The Princess Party

This past Saturday we had the privilege of helping Abigail to celebrate her 5th birthday with a first: a “Friends” party!! Twelve little princesses joined her for food, festivities and frolicking about in royal style. It was a grand time and I could not have done it without the help of some very capable family members who gave generously of their time to assist!

We encouraged Abigail to participate both in the planning and execution of her party: she chose the theme, food, cake flavor and design and insisted upon having a pinata: a pink unicorn, of course! She even labored alongside me on the most time-consuming part of the party prep: painting the many little wooden boxes a most princessy shade of pink! At the party the girls decorated their “treasure boxes” with many “jewels”. This was a very popular activity.

My mother came into town two days before the big event to help in any way she could. She watched children, blew up balloons, helped me set up and clean up everything, did most of the cake herself and generally was just a wonderful help and encouragement to me through the process. Aunt Sandra, being the tall one in the family, hung balloons and streamers with great care and even decorated our drawbridge, which I have not one picture of, I am sorry to say! The drawbridge came courtesy of Mark Peck and was quite a hit with the little princesses! Thank you Mark!!

On the day of the party, King Jay did a beautiful job as master of ceremonies, and thankfully took it upon himself to direct the pinata breaking part. Those little girls were quite ferocious with the unicorn! While Jay had fun swinging the pinata around, my Mom and sister frantically pnut buttered and jellied over 25 heart shaped little sandwiches, filled umpteen princess glasses with lemonade over and over (princesses get very thirsty it seems) and generally helped out in any way they could. Thanks, ladies…you did a super job!

Thanks to the Pecks who babysat Jonathan for us and to the Hornes who kept Nicolas over at their place and out of trouble! Thanks also to Jennifer who drove all the way from Minco to deliver Princess Evangeline to the party. We were so glad to have her here to help celebrate.

Most wonderful of all was the look of delight on Abigail’s face as she enjoyed her very special day. She behaved beautifully throughout the festivities and several times hugged me joyfully as she exclaimed, “I am SO EXCITED for my Princess party!” We enjoyed this event immensely ourselves, though I think it will be a couple years before I undertake anything so grand again! If you still have time left after reading my longwinded entry, please enjoy some of our pictures from the party.

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  1. What beautiful princesses! The unicorn pinata was a great idea, since even princesses need to let off steam at a birthday party.

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