A Weekend in the Country

It wasn’t actually a weekend, just three weekday nights, but it was definitely the country. Our entire family, including faithful dog Sid, along with our dear friends the Clemmons ventured to Rebel Hill Guest Ranch for a much-appreciated getaway. We stayed in cabins (well, the Clemmons were in a beautifully restored 1911 Victorian train car) on a lake in a beautiful setting which was so different from our everyday life here in Dallas.

Given that Rebel Hill is a horse ranch we felt we should take advantage of this unique opportunity to saddle up. The wrangler was a kind, older gentleman who was wonderful with the kids. He answered many a question, including Abigail’s inquisitive, “Are you a cowboy?”. The littlest kids rode along with a parent while the older kids rode atop horses led by “Mr. George”. What a rare treat for us city folk to get to go riding with our children while they are so young.

We also enjoyed paddle-boating and canoeing on our own private lake just outside our accomodations. We saw much wildlife, including a friendly flock of geese, a sweet mallard family who followed our boats faithfully, a pack of llamas, as well as elk and deer. The burly men in our party fished like mad and caught 18 bass which David expertly fried into a beautiful supper for us all to enjoy. This was another big highlight. The children delighted in running free in their big “backyard”, roasting marshmallows each night over our campfire, and just getting to be with their friends all day long.

We absolutely loved our time in Oklahoma and are so thankful we were able to go! If you have time, please take a peek at some of our photos from the trip. Thanks again to the Clemmons for a wonderful time!

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  1. The pictures are wonderful, and the place looks wonderful! You all seem to have gotten plenty of sun, even though it’s early March. What a great mini-vacation.

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