Tired Nicolas!

IMG_2425_small.jpgThis morning while I busied myself with some household chores, I made an attempt to keep the children nearby so we could talk. Abigail of course very happily sat down at the kitchen table with her paints and began creating a masterpiece of sorts. But my efforts to keep Nicolas (our 14 month old) nearby failed as he desperately wanted to go upstairs by himself to play in the “loft”. I let him go for this is currently his favorite place in the house to play (maybe because it was off-limits for so long because of the stairs) and I turned my attention back to my laundry.

It occurred to me shortly thereafter that all was quiet upstairs. There was no chortling, babbling, or banging of toys in the room overhead….what had happened? I climbed the stairs in search of Nicolas and at last located the little guy. Apparently overcome by fatigue, and completely unable to get himself into his crib, he’d had the good sense to climb into his big brother Jonathan’s bed with his favorite bunny and one of his passies and was fast asleep with his curly blond head perfectly positioned on the pillow. I had to take a picture!!

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  1. Over the past months I have received many a raised eyebrow and the question, “Are you sure you don’t embellish these blog stories about your kids just a bit?” Sadly, no, I am not that good of a storyteller and I certainly don’t have time to sit around making these things up! It is all true.
    I was just as amazed as you that this child who cannot even walk and who in general doesn’t climb much of anything except stairs, managed to get himself into bed. There is a little chest at the foot of JonJon’s bed which may have aided Nicolas in his climbing. Still, I thought it a mighty feat for a 14 month old to make the mental decisions to get into the bed in the first place, and then assume the proper position for napping like a big boy. Now that he’s proven he’s quite capable, he’ll be moving out of his crib next week!

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