Dinosaur Chat

Recently, Abigail’s preschool class has been studying a unit on dinosaurs. While we are impressed with how much she has learned about these animals, the concept of “extinct” seems to have eluded her, at least so far. How do I know this? Just listen in on the conversation we had today at our lunch table. My, my.

A: Mommy, sometime can I buy a Triceratops in dinosaur land?

M: What???

A: I would like to buy a Triceratops, because I’ve never done that before.

M: And what exactly do you suppose you would do with a Triceratops?

A: Well, I could take him on a little walk, and teach him how to play. That would be fun.

M: MmmHmmm. And where would this dinosaur live?

A: Oh, he can live in our backyard. That’d be good.

M: Oh.

Jonathan (Jumping into this interesting conversation): Could I buy one sometimes too, Mommy? That will be fun.

A: Actually, I think the Triceratops would be lonely so we should get a Mommy and a baby. Then they will be happy together.

(By this point, Mommy is speechless, but is thinking quietly to herself that the pony Mark Dishman keeps promising to send us to keep in our backyard sounds really good!!)

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  1. In defense of the poor Mr. Dishman, I think he is awaiting the arrival of our puppy that Trish so wonderfully promised Susanna. And as for you, “Andrew” (if that really IS your name this week), there is always the old standard email, if you dare!!!
    PS-Good one, Jenny!
    PPS-I’m only commenting in jest, you crazy Hornes!

  2. Tricia,
    Sorry about the toe . . . ouch! Who says motherhood is not dangerous and full of adventure!

    On the concept of extinction, I think it comes with more understanding of time in general. Calvin has recently been asking all kinds of questions of what kinds of animals are extinct. He also keeps coming up with plans to resupply the world with those that are now extinct. So perhaps he’ll come up with a way for Abigail and Jonathan to get their triceratops.

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