Not much blogging going on this week…we’ve been a little preoccupied with other things…

* After a week of high fever, accompanied by a terrible cough, one of our cherubs has been diagnosed with not only pneumonia, but asthma. This is new territory for us as parents, and while we are not happy to learn about the asthma especially, it answers a lot of health questions we’ve had about this child for years, so in that way it is a helpful diagnosis to finally have.

* Our wood floors are experiencing “cupping” – not surprising after the record rains we’ve seen this year, but the issue may be indicative of other problems as well, so we have some serious investigating to do…and much of that under the house. Jay is so glad he purchased those disposable hazmat suits!!


* I am also spending lots of time this week helping my little sis gear up for a ginormous benefit sale to help her with her Team in Training Goal. We have received such generous things from many, many families and are in the process of sorting, categorizing, and pricing. Lots of fun, in a crazy sort of way…it’s been great to see Sandra almost every day this week as we work on this project together.

Maybe we’ll be back in a few days with pictures and a recap of the sale…

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  1. Every time I look at that picture I wonder if Jay is rehearsing for Halloween. And I believe I detect some ambivalence in Josiah’s expression – sort of like a scared thrill in holding the monster’s hand!

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