Matthew’s Baptism

Today, much extended family gathered to witness Cousin Matthew’s baptism. What a joy to see this sweet baby boy welcomed into the church. He is a delight and blessing to our entire family, and we are so grateful for him.


After the service, we were treated to a wonderful lunch, and had fun visiting with family and stuffing ourselves with delicious pizza. Baby Matthew was more than happy to pose for the camera…you can see his pictures, along with some other photos we took during the day here.

2 Replies to “Matthew’s Baptism”

  1. Those are some great pics, Trish.

    What I can’t get past is the fact that Peter and Katie waited until Matthew was two years old before baptizing him.

    Oh wait, he’s just the SIZE of a two-year old.

  2. I don’t know what you’re talking about. Our two-year-old is much bigger than this guy.

    We were exceedingly glad to be able to share this day with so many family members; I’m sorry A&J couldn’t make it (slackers!), but hopefully Matthew will get to meet his new cousin soon!

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