Preliminary Recap

We are still alive after one of the more exhausting days we’ve had this summer. I wish we had pictures of the sale to share with you, but as anyone who’s ever held a garage sale knows -this was our first! – everyone stays busy enough to make documenting the event in photos pretty much a nonpossibility. Add four children into the mix who need watching on top of hordes of folks trying to shop all at the same time, and you are busy, busy!!

But we are really thrilled tonight despite what feels like utter exhaustion. The benefit sale was a stunning success, and I do mean stunning, thanks to our many generous donors, lots of enthusiastic shoppers, and more than a few hours logged by the humble workers during the preparation and execution of the sale. Sandra is much, much closer to her goal than she was yesterday. The final tally is not quite in, so I will hold off on posting any totals. But we are grateful for how well the day went, despite an inauspicious and quite rainy beginning!

Our children, in between light saber duels and visiting with the other kids who happened along today, enjoyed a real lesson in commerce, as they operated their own lemonade and cupcake table. They served up treats and sweets in the heat with smiles, and did a great job counting change for their many customers. Young Nicolas definitely won the award for most persistent salesman as he worked the unsuspecting crowd for buyers, but they all three worked quite diligently, and at the end of the day, each contributed some to Aunt Sandra’s goal, and had leftovers for their piggybanks.

So…what a rewarding and fun day! And now, if you will excuse me, I am going to pop myself into my jammies, pour some red wine, and munch on a yummy dinner with my favorite guy (you know, the one in the marshmallow suit!) before falling into what I hope is a deep, deep sleep tonight!

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