Making Connections

Abigail was examing a plastic cup tonight from Chili’s that featured the “Pepper Pals”. She noticed that each member of the band had a name printed beside them and, with a bit of help from me, read them: Sunny, Chip, Pepper, and Hal. Then she says:

“Oh, maybe Pepper likes peppers. And maybe Sunny likes sunny, sunshine. And Chips likes chips. And maybe Hal likes hell.”

6 Replies to “Making Connections”

  1. You know, that is a possibility. Having been born and raised in Texas, her accent is already quite different than mine. Both “hell” and “hail” come out more like “hay-ell” to my ears. In fact, many words get an extra syllable with that little Texas accent of hers.

  2. But let’s face it, what sounds better in a blog post? Frankly, it reminds me of Deep Thoughts and Fuzzy Memories, which — as we all know — are near and dear to Jay’s consciousness.

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