Weekend Joys

It’s been a big week in many ways. I haven’t written much, but rather than recount it all, I will leave you with some high points of just the past few days:

a LONG afternoon nap

holding and listening to my 2 year old enthusiastically sing Holy, Holy, Holy during our worship service today

a surprise visit from my little brother in the middle of the day

the hugs and prayers of family and friends

a girlie outing: browsing Old Downtown McKinney and enjoying lunch with my little sis and daughter on a pretty afternoon

Getting negative biopsy results (Praise God!!) three days earlier than we’d expected to hear

a surprise date night from my husband

my daughter’s delight over the many butterflies we have seen the last couple days

lunch out with my brother and sis-in-law.

warm brownies and cold milk!!

2 Replies to “Weekend Joys”

  1. …so I was the only sib who didn’t show up for weekend joy, huh? Man, I feel like such a letdown. I’m glad you had a great weekend either way, and hopefully we can rectify the lack of Horne/Brunone interaction that has become the norm of late.

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