Some of us in the Horne household LOVE Cream of Wheat (enriched Farina for those of you who are familiar with the other stuff) for breakfast. Especially Abigail and I. As I was putting the box away earlier, I noticed the following slogan on its side:

“So SMOOTH, So CREAMY, So GOOD to hold on to”

Does anyone else besides me think this an odd sort of statement to make in reference to Cream of Wheat?

2 Replies to “Huh??”

  1. If I were falling off of a cliff and someone threw me a Cream of Wheat rope, I’m not sure I would survive!

    Maybe it means it sticks to your ribs…is that it? No offense, Trish, but the last time I ate Cream of Wheat, it tasted a lot like what I would imagine wallpaper paste would taste like (hey, I’ve eaten Play-Doh, not paste). Sticky and gooeyness, anyone?

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