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  1. In no particular order (and non-exhaustively):

    1) integrity

    2) constitutional (I think our constitution spells out a pretty reasonable, very limited role for the federal government and its associated checks and balances… I think we should stick to it)

    3) non-interventionist foreign policy from a military point of view (unless the Congress passes articles of war)

    4) some form of improvement in the management of our currency

    5) basic live-and-let-live outlook, at least from a government/regulatory point of view

  2. Count the College Station Brunone family as 1 of the almost 25,000 first-time donors on Sunday.

    Oh, and put a few more zeros after that decimal point and before the 8 for our giving percentage.

  3. He discusses the money here:

    In brief, he says (paraphrase alert): They didn’t give me the money to stick in the bank, so well figure out how to most effectively spend it on a national campaign.

    And I would suggest all bets are off on who wins as we are likely headed toward a brokered convention on the Republican side.

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