Baby Jesus Ain’t Feelin’ the Love Around Here

So last night while I tucked him into bed, I excitedly told Nicolas that I was hard at work on the top portion of his stocking, to HOPEFULLY be finished by Christmas Eve (such a terrible parent am I that my poor, sweet children have never had their own, “personalized” stockings, but this year, it’s gonna happen!!). Interested in this development, Nicolas said, “Great!! So — What’s on my stocking?”

“Well, there is a Mary and Joseph, and a Baby Jesus in the stable with the star of Bethlehem over them.”

“Huh,” Nicolas replied. And then without skipping a beat he declared in a disappointed voice, “You know Mom, I was REALLY hoping for a stocking with Santa Claus and all of his reindeer on it instead!”

2 Replies to “Baby Jesus Ain’t Feelin’ the Love Around Here”

  1. That cracks me up! One day he’ll be so thankful for the true gift on his stocking. In the meantime, just fill it with lots of candy.
    Mine have cross-stiched stockings, too! They’re from Target. Do you think I could convince them that I made them?

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