7 Replies to “Christmas Picture Out-takes”

  1. Out-take?? Are you serious?? This is the first picture you’ve ever taken where everyone is doing the exact…same…thing!!! I’d run with it, sister. You all look so in tune!!!!

  2. Was this part of a strategy to get cooperation from all 4 children? I do think you should give Cousin Ruth permission to put it in the next CuzNuz!

  3. Jamison, you are so right!! I just love how not only Josiah but even his stuffed doggie is so into the moment, all standing on his head as he is! Heheh. I did consider using this shot, just because I figured it would net a laugh or two! But I think I’d frighten our sweet great-grandmothers with this picture.

    Mom….yes, as a matter of fact! This was our breather for the kids in between two sets of about 7 each. I was shocked at how relatively smoothly the whole thing went considering it was just the six of us, and Jay was using a remote control to take each shot!

    Angie and Melissa, I shoulda’ sent you the funny pose, you’d both relate!!

  4. Oh yes, I agree… may I use this in Cuz Nuz… oh I am so enjoying all the expressions and coordination. Or would you rather I used the one on your Christmas card… if so, can you send the photo as an email attachment? Matte photos don’t copy well. Thanks…

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