Plug for the Skirty

Though I am usually not one to shamelessly try to talk people into spending money, I nevertheless want to tell you about the Skirty!! I love this new product and am following the designer and her website Amoretti Designs, with great interest.


The owner of Amoretti Designs, Rebekah Merkle, is a American, a homeschooling mommy to 5 living in England, and daughter of the famous Doug Wilson. She has launched the Skirty as her first clothing item in what she hopes will eventually be a line of fun, ladylike but innovative clothes for young girls. I for one cannot wait to see what she puts out.

The fun news is that for the next five days, Skirtys are 15% off! So…if you have a little lady in your life who could use one of these…hop on over to Amoretti Designs and snag you one or two of ’em!!

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  1. Hey you! I know you! Walker and I have been over here before. Hi!

    Our rug, we got 4 years ago at a place on Fondren, where there are rug places galore.

    I go to an auction up here frequently where you can get rugs for C H E A P if you are into cheap. It is a fabulous antique auction, right around the corner from us. Email me if you want more info!

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