A Day of Rest…

is just what the Dr. ordered, and I am thankful for it. I have a stinker of a cold that I cannot shake, that just seems to get worse each day, and which I guess I have passed not only to Josiah (who is over it already) but now also to Jonathan, who started laying on the couch mid-afternoon, saying all he wanted to do was rest. Anyone with an active seven year old boy knows that a desire to rest is rare among this set, so I am anxiously watching him for signs of the plague.

A day of rest meant I also relaxed my little diet I put myself on at the New Year. Now that my baby is two (and the holidays are safely behind us!), I think it is high time I get a little serious about diet and exercise, and try to shed some of the extra slug that I have carried from ever since my inactivity due to injuries post-accident of 2005 and pregnancy/new baby that same year. I haven’t gotten freakish about what I eat, but have certainly curtailed indulgences such as snacking (especially my generous, beloved late evening snacks which I know are just horrid for me) and sweets, and have tried to watch calories and portion sizes carefully. Interestingly, after just a couple weeks of eating less, my body is pretty happy with the smaller portions, more veggies, fruits, and salads, and less breads and desserts. Of course, at this rate, it’s going to take me an awful long time to get through that delightful box of truffles my Honey gave to me for Christmas!

But not today. Today I relaxed. After a wonderful morning of worship, we enjoyed a delicious lunch at Cowboy Chicken, and I even helped polish off birthday cake for the just-turned-twelve year old in our group. I spent over an hour in bed this afternoon, just reading, and I even had a few potato chips this evening before supper – just to make sure I can still enjoy them. Tonight if I get to feeling especially wild…I might even eat one of those truffles!

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