At what seems like long last for him, Nicolas has begun to read! He has gotten the knack of blending his sounds together, and has almost (but not entirely) abandoned the practice of looking at a word and trying to guess which one it might be without actually sounding out the various phonemes!

Those of you who remember this post, from a year and a half ago, where he expressed a lack of interest in books altogether, and then this one, from last spring, where he felt the need to run his fingers under every.single.line. in chapter books in his gargantuan effort to try and mimic his big brother’s reading will understand our excitement and happiness at his success.

We are working through the 100 Lessons Book (happily, this time) which I used with my first two children. Well, at least with Abigail. Jonathan happens to have been watching and listening, and pretty much figured it out on his own, precious boy.

Now, Nicolas begs for his reading lessons every day, and has even begun sneaking ahead of me each morning while I am busy with other things, and sounding out the next words on his own so that when I finally sit down with him, he’s already figured many of them out. It is so fun to see his excitement over his new skill, and watch his little brain process new sounds everyday.


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