Weekend Joys

It’s been a big week in many ways. I haven’t written much, but rather than recount it all, I will leave you with some high points of just the past few days:

a LONG afternoon nap

holding and listening to my 2 year old enthusiastically sing Holy, Holy, Holy during our worship service today

a surprise visit from my little brother in the middle of the day

the hugs and prayers of family and friends

a girlie outing: browsing Old Downtown McKinney and enjoying lunch with my little sis and daughter on a pretty afternoon

Getting negative biopsy results (Praise God!!) three days earlier than we’d expected to hear

a surprise date night from my husband

my daughter’s delight over the many butterflies we have seen the last couple days

lunch out with my brother and sis-in-law.

warm brownies and cold milk!!

Making Connections

Abigail was examing a plastic cup tonight from Chili’s that featured the “Pepper Pals”. She noticed that each member of the band had a name printed beside them and, with a bit of help from me, read them: Sunny, Chip, Pepper, and Hal. Then she says:

“Oh, maybe Pepper likes peppers. And maybe Sunny likes sunny, sunshine. And Chips likes chips. And maybe Hal likes hell.”


Some of us in the Horne household LOVE Cream of Wheat (enriched Farina for those of you who are familiar with the other stuff) for breakfast. Especially Abigail and I. As I was putting the box away earlier, I noticed the following slogan on its side:

“So SMOOTH, So CREAMY, So GOOD to hold on to”

Does anyone else besides me think this an odd sort of statement to make in reference to Cream of Wheat?

Thank You, Huggies!!!

Today we played with friends at a Splash Park in nearby Allen. It was a gorgeous day, and both kids and moms had a great time. All went swimmingly (heh heh) until I picked up Nicolas who had wandered off, to move him back toward our group. and noticed as I put him down that there was a rather strange odor about him. Oh, and what was that brownish stuff on my otherwise pristine sea blue tank?? Hmmm??? Any guesses, mothers (or fathers) of children who are not yet potty-trained???

Yep, that’s right. What a mess. It was everywhere, and he was disgustingly dirty, from waist to toes. So much for swimmie diapers and their powers of containment…

Having already shared many of my diaper wipes with friends, as there seemed to be a general shortage of them today, and being in a place with bathrooms that were yes, clean, but devoid of soap and paper towels, I began musing over my options. What was I to use to sanitize my toxic child? And myself? And even if I could get us both clean, and Nicolas into fresh clothes, what was I to wear? You see, I had packed extra clothes for all three children, but not for me. And my shirt REALLY needed to be changed.

Well, I left the two older kids in the care of some very dear friends and Nicolas and I made our way to the restroom, where we stayed for the better part of half an hour. Everything that might serve as a wipe or cleaning implement came out of the diaper bag and cooler: napkins, kleenex, the few remaining wipes, bread (no, just kidding!) and OH!! What little treasure did I find at the bottom of my bag but a Huggies Disposable Washcloth which I received in the mail about a year ago and have kept in my bag ever since, “just in case”. God bless Huggies. I’m going to go buy a box of these handy things. Just add water to this soft flannel-like cloth and you have yourself a foamy, soapy, absolutely wonderful bath for your dirty baby, toddler, preschooler, whatever.

My previously scandalously dirty little boy was squeaky clean when we were through. And he smelled pretty, too. Dry diaper, fresh clothes and he was a brand new kid. As for me, after a bit of freshening, I returned to the group wearing my five year old daughter’s school t-shirt. I was reminded of a comic moment in One Fine Day where Michelle Pfeiffer chose in desperation to wear her son’s dinosaur t-shirt into a company sales presentation for lack of anything else to put on at the time. Not that I look like Michelle Pfeiffer… But, ANYWAY, I digress.

The point of all this is that if you think you might ever have a need for a washing on the go, do take time to stop by your local Walmart or wherever, and stock up on some of Huggies’ handy-dandy disposable washcloths!

Nothing Worth Crying Over

As I returned home from our grocery trip this morning, I tried to carry a few too many things in my left hand (note to my gentle readers: it would seem two gallons of milk plus a plastic bag of groceries in one hand is too much) and alas, I dropped a carton of milk, thus causing it to burst, and begin sending a little river of the precious white stuff out onto my garage floor.

To waste the milk of the dairy cow has always seemed an abomination to me, but even more so given the recent increase in the price of her milk. As I helplessly watched the $3/gallon stuff leak out of its carton it occurred to me that it might be wise to jump into action, which I did.

I grabbed a glass pitcher from the kitchen and turning the milk carton right side up so that the milk could properly leak from the crack at its base into my pitcher (I am trying not to concern myself with the fact that the bottom of the milk carton is probably not the most sanitary end for the milk to pour out from!), I promptly filled it to the top. I fetched a second pitcher and filled it again, halfway.

Thus I ended up saving, not all, but most of the lovely milk, some of which we enjoyed with our lunch. And to look upon the bright side of this little domestic fiasco, I must say that having a large glass pitcher of fresh milk in my refrigerator is rather romantic. I feel almost as if we lived in a different time, before the advent of the plastic carton, and I can almost imagine that we milked our own cow before dawn this morning or that perhaps our faithful dairy man delivered our supply of milk to our door earlier today so that we might enjoy it.

Can you tell I am in the middle of not one, but two pieces of 19th century children’s literature??

A Very Little LawnMower

Ok, so it’s not a school morning and we are being delightfully lazy around here. In fact we are still in our jammies! But young Jonathan, having loafed around long enough, has decided there is work to be done. He is currently outside in his Spider Man jammies, armed with his little blue-handled child’s scissors, and is cutting the lawn! He informed me that since the grass is getting a bit tall, he would cut it with his scissors! Helpful little boy!