Such excitement!

While this may not prove vastly exciting to all our readers, I feel I have to announce that today we have embarked upon what is to us a wonderful chapter in our home improvement efforts, and one which we believe will greatly increase the aesthetic appeal of our new casa: the painting of the walls!!

For 4 months we have lived with a huge and shall I say, very much outside what we consider our taste, assortment of paint colors in this house. Everything from very sad-looking, dingy beige (not a nice, pleasing shade of cream for all of you out there who are quite happy with your more neutral-toned walls!), to a neon yellow to some color that I don’t think I could actually find in a store even if I were looking to match it – it’s an awful green paired with a blue splotchy ceiling in the boys’ bathroom. Just hideous. Given it’s one of the smaller rooms we have to tackle, and since it also needs some other attention beside just color improvement to make it functional for our little guys, we’ve chosen it for our first room makeover candidate. Here are some “before” photos for you to enjoy….stay tuned for the photos of the finished product!

Here is the sink area which has always been lacking a mirror and light fixture (the small blue circular area is where we had wire pulled so Jay can install the vanity light fixture), but has plenty of green wall to enjoy:

And here you can fully appreciate the green/blue color scheme in all its glory (actually, it looks worse in person IMHO), and see another area where we had wire dropped to allow for Jay to install a tub light:


4 Replies to “Such excitement!”

  1. Wow, that’s… incredible! Maybe it seemed like a good idea at the time? 🙂

    We just recently finished Sydney’s big-girl room, and will be launching in to repainting and decorating the nursery for the little one soon to arrive on the scene, so I can relate to the great feeling that comes from the hard work. I look forward to photos!

  2. Rollin, we’d love to see photos of the new big-girl room!

    Jamison, I promise photos as soon as we are finished. Finished meaning, “finished with the first stage” – the toilet replacement will have to wait till end of next month (to time it with bulk trash pickup). So far, we’ve completed 2 coats of primer, 1 coat of pale blue paint, new vanity light installed, new canned light over tub installed. Still lots of work to be done. Thanks for the motivation to hurry it up, though! 🙂

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