Rub A Dub Dub…

three boys in a tub!

One of the features we love about our new house is the really great configuration of bedrooms/bathrooms, particularly well suited to our family, especially given the genders of our children. Two of the secondary bedrooms have what I believe is referred to as a “Hollywood Bath” between them (NOT Jack ‘n’ Jill, as I’d formerly called it – see, you learn something every day!). So, the room on one side houses our two bigger boys, and on the other side of the bathroom sits Josiah’s nursery. Now that he is big enough, all three of them love to take baths together in the “boy bathroom”, and play with lots of toys, and make lots of noise, and splash lots of water, and well, that is just what little boys do, as I’m learning. But after all the noise and water everywhere (including on Mommy and Daddy!) comes one of my favorite things as a parent – snuggling clean, sweet-smelling little boys in soft towels. Here is a shot of them having fun in their bathtub:


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  1. Man, Tricia’s really gunning for the “inappropriate Google referrals” award, eh?

    So now you’ve gone all Hollywood; well, I suppose it had to happen sometime. I’m glad you’re getting settled and managing to enjoy the features of your new place! Perhaps — someday — I will see it with my own eyes (until then I’m feeling a bit like Moses).

    Off to climb another mountain…

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