Simple Joys in our New Home

As our readers are aware, we have moved. In the last several posts, I have alluded to the fact that we are living in somewhat sparse conditions, compared to what is likely considered normal for an American family. We have left most all our furnishings at the old house, to enhance its appearance for showing (and thanks for asking – we average about a showing a day, but no offers yet…we truly hope there might be one soon!). But anyway, we are admittedly missing our things, not because we own grand, expensive furniture, but because the house doesn’t quite feel like home without, for instance, our beds and pictures, and other personal belongings.

Yet in the midst of the sparseness, we are enjoying so many blessings here in our new place. Here are just a few:

family games of basketball on our long flat driveway

beautiful shade from our beautiful, huge, old trees

some of the friendliest neighbors we’ve had yet in our married lives

less time in the car, fighting traffic, and more precious moments at home

the rustle of the 40 year old cottonwood in the breeze (this is a completely new sound to me!)

a simpler floor plan inside, and no stairs to deal with (ok, the kids liked these, but the parents don’t miss them!)

the charm of a picket fence and gate out back

sweet friends and schoolmates just three doors away

roses in five different colors that began blooming just as we moved in

bike rides on the trail down the street

3 Replies to “Simple Joys in our New Home”

  1. Tricia,
    Sounds like you have all the most important things right there! (And I know what it’s like to ‘camp’ without most of my stuff!) Anytime the kids want to experience stairs you are welcome to visit!

  2. It sounds like a wonderful new home. We’ll be doing exactly the same thing as soon as we can close on the house we’re buying and get enough work done to it so that it can be lived in. Then we’ll pack up our extra clutter and move. I’m not looking forward to the Spartan life, but I am glad we can do it this way, because I know I couldn’t keep the house clean with my children and dog in the place.

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