Trick – R – Treat

The weather started turning cold early Tuesday evening as we headed out for some Halloween fun, carrying hotdogs in one hand (supper on the run) and empty pumpkins in the other. We joined up with a large group of our new neighbors who also have fairly young children, to trek down a couple streets, and it was a great time for parents and kids alike. Josiah, er I mean Eeyore,

only stayed awake long enough to pose for a couple of pics, then promptly fell fast asleep in his stroller. When it got dark, we returned home in order to greet the very large number of costumed visitors who came to our door begging for candy. There were so many that despite the copious amounts of sweets we’d purchased, we had to turn our porch light off at 8:30 because we were all out of treats!

Here are some pics of the rest of our little Trick-R-Treaters, who, with the help of Mommy and her valiant sewing machine, put together some very fun costumes this year:

The lovely ladybug:

Abigail Ladybug
A brave cowboy:

Another, perhaps more silly cowboy:


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