WordPress up and running

I think I’ve got the site now fully functional using WordPress. To put the new comment spam capabilities I’ve added with WordPress through their paces, I’ve turned on comments on all the posts in the archive… we’re about to find out how well Akismet works.

If there is a post or two in the archive to which you’ve always wanted to add your two cents, now is your chance.

3 Replies to “WordPress up and running”

  1. Jay, I’m curious to know whether you’ve tried the cryptographp plugin in WordPress. Now that I’ve FINALLY switched over, I’m giving it a whirl in addition to having Akismet engaged. I’d be curious to know how Akismet has worked for you and what other options you have tried.

  2. I’ve not. Here’s my current list of activated plugins:

    Akismet, Bad Behavior, Google Sitemaps, PicasaWeb (with some modifications to the code that I added), Scripturizer, Subscribe To Comments, WordPress PDA, WP-DBManager

    I’d like to have Spam Karma 2 and Cloudy activated as well, but they seem to have some trouble with my installation right now. Additionally, I activate Search and Replace on an as-need basis.

  3. Thanks for that list. I hadn’t run across Spam Karma 2, but I have installed it and will see how it goes. I like that it will only challenge with a Captcha if the comment is questionable.

    I did find and install Subscribe To Comments after seeing that option on your site. I think that’s pretty slick!

    Others that I have running are runPHP to allow me to utilize WordPress tags in WordPress Pages (like my archive page), Sidebar Widgets, and Spell Checker, which I have not gotten to work correctly yet.

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