A Poem by Abigail, age 7

I thought Abigail was in bed going to sleep. I was wrong. She was busy composing, and just brought down the fruits of her labor. May I present a poem by my daughter Abigail, age 7 (reproduced as accurately as possible).

Christmas Dinner

people are commy to Dine with us,
and evrywon is in a rush.
evrywon is glad were here,
evrywon sees the watter is shiny clere.
the wine is very yummy,
I want to fill my tummy.
the tukey is big and fat,
the turtey** is nice and flat.
the fruit is very good,
I should try some evreywon would.
the salled has lots of fruit inside,
evreywon dosint set food aside.
theirs lots of rice,
and oh the cake was very nice.

** Editor’s note: I had her clarify this word. It is ‘tortilla’.

2 Replies to “A Poem by Abigail, age 7”

  1. I love it! Especially the creative spelling, and “the wine is very yummy,” and “oh the cake was very nice.”

  2. Way to go Abigail! Wonderful job. Your rhythm is perfect and your lines rhyme. What more can we ask from a budding poet?

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