Watch your step

I have begun the arduous task of revamping House of Horne… the only thing more arduous would be to attempt a flash-cut to the new look. Instead, I’m opting for the slow roll, so expect a host of dead links for the next few days.

10 Replies to “Watch your step”

  1. It looks great — love the pictures!
    (BTW, you need to update your link for All About Angie.)

  2. Hey, I love the new look! Susanna’s comment is about the picture of the Mrs. and children gathered around the kitchen island with Bisquick. She says, “That looks like a fun party!”

    PS-Please, no more spider pictures!

  3. You have a great website and I love all of your family pictures!

    Your spider story is scary. I am glad no one was bitten…and I will for sure be watching my many spiders a little more closely! 🙂

  4. Sleek and chic. I like.

    I’ve been remodeling Casa Jonsson privately for a few months now, and I understand your caution. I hope to unveil the new look in time for the first anniversary (6/27/2004).

  5. I’m stoked that you are now syndicating. But the front page link (“XML”) is broken—it has an extra slash on the end of it.

    Carry on.

  6. Thanks to our faithful readers for your many kind and gracious comments about the new format. Of course Jay talks big but we all know who the REAL brains are behind this awesome web site. (giggle)

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