Tricia versus the spider redux

IMG_3515_small.jpgThose faithful readers who have been with us for awhile may recall an entry from 2002 in which we recounted Tricia’s chance meeting with a rather nasty spider while attempting to take dominion of the nursery laundry pile. Today while cleaning pots for this summer’s herb garden, she came across another spider. This is the way she tells her story:

As I brushed some accumulated dirt off of one of the pots I saw a rather large black spider clinging to the side of the pot. Its legs looked pretty shrivelled up but given its body size I figured I’d better be careful, especially since Abigail was right there with me. “I’m pretty sure this spider is dead, Abigail. What do you think?” I asked her. “Hmmmm…I don’t know Mommy, it looks alive to me.” After making sure she was far away from the spider and warning her not to touch it I got a plastic sandwich bag, donned my gardening gloves and proceeded to trap the spider inside said bag.

IMG_3516_small.jpgWhile we wanted to finish potting our herbs, we decided that we would first try to find a picture of our spider on the internet. The spider was black everywhere except for a red marking on its underside, so in an effort to identify my mystery spider I typed:

“black spider red dot”.

Imagine my consternation when the first search result on google looked like this:

Black Widow Spider Pictures
… Black Widow Spider (Latrodectus … The female black widow is shiny black with a red hourglass on abdomen … The red hourglass could take the form of a red dot or many … spiders/black_widow.asp

The picture on that web site confirmed that we were not dealing with an average little garden spider. Upon further inspection of “my” spider’s red dot, I surmised that it was indeed in the shape of an hourglass. Oh, my. And I had just had my bare hands all over that pot, within easy reach of this venomous spider. Not to mention that Abigail had been nearby the entire time as well. Feeling thankful that we were both fine, I called Jay to tell him how I’d bravely apprehended the little creature, and when he arrived home a couple hours later he felt compelled to capture our Black Widow on film. Now we can share her loveliness with all of you, dear, gentle readers. And may I assure you that I will be more careful next time I see a black spider!

8 Replies to “Tricia versus the spider redux”

  1. Very impressive and creepy! Somehow this is not one I would envision at Miss. Spider’s Tea Party.

  2. Trish, I love you, but I am not sure I can ever stand on your front doorstep again….I feel all sick and shivery inside.

  3. Goodness, Tricia, I’m just thankful you and Abigail are okay! And I thought Uncle Russ lived in dangerous country with those crazy bears!

  4. Thanks everyone, for the kind words and for making me feel so brave. You guys are great.

    Barb, I’m sorry for yet another spider entry which creeped you out.

    Stephy, maybe we can form a club for “finders of Black Widows”.

    Jamison, don’t worry, the spider wasn’t out front, she was in back. You can still come to visit.

    Angie, thanks for the support!

    Mom, I’d rather meet a black widow than a black bear anyday…I think.

    Andrew, thanks for the heads-up. I feel a little famous now!

  5. Hey Trish, this is Andy’s friend, been reading up on House of Horne, love the stories. I found you via a google search…lol. I still remember the day that my brother and I helped our friends move from Keller to Rhome. Upon entering the existing shed on their new property it was completely filled with Black Widows! Within twenty mintutes, thanks to WD-40 cans and lighters, the shed was rid of these varmits. Body count over twenty! Maybe I should keep my memories to myself, sorry…

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