A Question of Life

Since reading on Christmas morning that 8 months pregnant Laci Peterson had disappeared, I have followed this story with hope that it might have a happy ending. As the weeks and then months wore on, that seemed highly unlikely. It seemed so horribly tragic to me that this young woman, about to give birth to her first child should vanish without a trace. As I’ve watched the events of the past week unfold I’ve been saddened further and deeply troubled to learn it is likely her husband may have been the one who ended her and her unborn son’s life prematurely. However, that point has not been decided and so I do not feel I should spend too much time dwelling on the question of Scott Peterson’s guilt or innocence.

What was interesting to me was the California prosecutors’ decision to charge the main suspect with a double homocide in this case. Though this is in keeping with California law, it still seemed a boon for the stance that an unborn baby is very much a person and that to end such a life warrants criminal prosecution. Of course, a New Jersey NOW chapter has already come forward to express indignation about said decision. Here is an article from the Daily Record (Mom, Dad, sibs, do you remember this newspaper?) which begins, “The head of the National Organization for Women’s Morris County chapter is opposing a double-murder charge in the Laci Peterson case, saying it could provide ammunition to the pro-life lobby…” Hmmmmm.

Read on, if you like. I think it will be interesting to watch this case unfold, esp as it pertains to the question of life before birth. Our nation continues to contradict itself with its approach to fetal life. It is incomprehensible to me how people can mourn the loss of this little unborn baby boy (which I think is highly appropriate given the extreme tragicness of his death) and yet condone the murder of millions of other little babies who also will never get the chance to meet their mothers and enjoy a life of their own. My prayer is that the case of Baby Connor and his mother Laci will stir some hearts to question what we as a nation allow to happen every day in our midst.

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  1. I also have watched this case pretty closely. I didn’t go to your article link, but I did hear a good bit of discussion about the NJ NOW group on talk radio yesterday while I was running errands. Several callers who said they were “pro-choice” still felt this was a double homicide as it was obvious Laci had no “choice” in this child’s birth or death. I think this case may be too differed from a typical abortion (the baby was near term, so it is more like the partial-birth abortion cases) to have much impact on the thoughts of those who are convinced that abortion is not murder. Although I can still pray that God would use it to change hearts as you suggest.

  2. Jennifer,
    I agree with your thought that Baby Connor was an older fetus and perhaps his case will not necessarily raise big questions for all pro-choicers. But it certainly does have huge ramifications for someone who would condone the practice of partial birth abortion. This is currently legal in 43 states and it is estimated that 3000-5000 are performed each year in the US alone.

    I’d also be interested in your feedback once you actually read the article. I learned some things which surprised me. Are you aware that even in deaths which involve fetuses as young as eight weeks (it is a well known fact that a large number of first trimester abortions take place well past seven weeks) that murder charges can be pressed? Here’s a quote from the article: “There is no fetal homicide statute in New Jersey, considered one of the nation’s most pro-choice states. Under California law, murder charges can result if the fetus is older than seven weeks.”

    Furthermore, this article carries several direct quotes from NOW’s Morris County Chapter’s President who obviously feels there is a threat to her and her pro-choice group. Why else would she be so outspoken in a case where it seems everyone in the nation is heartbroken for this mother and her baby? Mavra Stark (the president) says in referring to the charges against Scott Peterson, “If this is murder, well, then any time a late-term fetus is aborted, they could call it murder.”

  3. I think the question is quite significant. Unlike the U.S., Canadian law is “consistent”: an unborn child (even moments before birth) is not a person in Canada. This consistency has resulted in some rather appalling Canadian court decisions in (non-abortion) cases when unborn children were damaged or killed.

  4. What interests me is that this really isn’t a new development. NOW is only being bold enough to make such a huge statement for their pro-abortion platform for the first time in such a situation as this, as these sorts of cases have been around for awhile.

    Trish, I agree that the double-homicide charge is a big deal for pro-life folks like us, but my cynical nature tells me that this will disappear from the public mentality within two weeks.

    Has anyone heard of a drug that Planned Parenthood is peddling now that supposedly “fixes” things for girls up to five days after the sexual act has been committed? They call it an “in case the condom breaks or you forgot to take your pill” pill, but what they’re really selling is a quick and easy abortion. I’ll be blogging on this soon…

  5. Sora,

    Nice to Blog-meet you. I visited your site and think your kids are absolutely beautiful. I can only imagine what the Canadian law can come up with based on their stance of an unborn baby not being a true person. (Shudder)


    My guess is you are referring to the “Morning After Pill”, touted as “emergency contraception” by many, but unfortunately, as you termed it, a clever means to an early abortion. Here is a good website with more information about it.

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