A Delightful Breath of Fresh Air…

…has blown into our neighborhood. Has anyone else been awestruck by this amazingly mild weather we seem to be enjoying? This evening, the sky was a deep shade of blue with bursts of white fluffy clouds everywhere, and if you stepped outside to admire this canopy of beauty, you might have been a little surprised to feel a cool breeze!! What? In August? Yes indeed, and how lovely it was. The children and I chose to eat our supper of chicken tacos out on the patio while listening to birds and watching planes as the sun slowly set. We all had a wonderful time until finally (I am not joking) we got too cold to stay outside in our summer shirts and shorts. It was, after all, only 75 degrees! Brrrrrr!!

3 Replies to “A Delightful Breath of Fresh Air…”

  1. Yes, indeed, this ‘cold’ front is wonderful, and wonder of wonders has even reached as far as Houston!
    Better get out the sweaters and long pants, I noticed on the tv this morning the temp. in Dallas was 65! Enjoy!
    LOve, Mom

  2. Naturally this was the week I took summer vacation to Montana with the intent of escaping the Dallas heat! It was warmer in Kalispell on Friday the 13th than it was in Dallas….

    But I’ll still take the views in Montana.

  3. Mom, hope you are not sweltering now that summer seems to have truly returned. We sure enjoyed the cool while it lasted.

    John, I have yet to visit Montana but it sounds really pretty. Hope you had a good trip!

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