We have just returned from a week’s stay at the beach on Dauphin Island, AL. Grammy and Grandy Horne were brave enough to join us for our Island Adventure, and we all stayed in a great house on the Mississippi Sound, complete with our own private beach and pier.


Some of the week’s highlights included:

— Beautiful weather for which we were most thankful. We enjoyed lots of time outside every day, loved the ocean breezes, and even got to witness a couple of great thunderstorms Island Style!

— Frolicking on floaties with Abigail and Nicolas (Jonathan preferred the sand to the water). Grammy was quite an enthusiastic participant in the water activities, and she did a fantastic job of keeping up with the children’s antics. We think she had a lot of fun too!

— Eating fresh Gulf Seafood. YUM, YUM, YUM!!!

— Fishing! The men in our party used both poles and nets to land several creatures, many of which were thrown back or sadly, lost. (Ask Jay to tell you his “Fish Story”!) Grandy Horne, it turns out, can throw a mean cast net, and he caught enough mullet in said net to provide us a feast of fish which we all enjoyed eating. (It should be noted that Baby Nicolas was quite a fan of the tasty fish!)

— (More fishing!!) Abigail and Jonathan also spent a great deal of time with their Dad and Grandfather out on the pier. Abigail caught her very first fish all by herself, and Jonathan helped to reel in a sting ray. Jonathan also became quite the expert caster in his own right, and would do an exuberant “I did it” dance after each successful cast. That was fun to watch!

— The blessing of relaxation (well, the sort of relaxation which parents and grandparents of very young children enjoy!). Lounging around in jammies till late in the morning, eating pancakes all together twice in one week, reading, visiting, snacking ALL DAY, resting on the beach, sleeping very soundly at night.

We are most grateful we were able to have such an enjoyable week on Dauphin Island and hope you will have fun seeing some of our pictures from our time there.

5 Replies to “Vacation”

  1. VERY nice pictures, Trish; you’ve captured the fun of the trip and with the blog narrative I feel as if I’ve experienced it myself. Good casting shots of John.

    The only question I have is this: do you think Mookie is going to enjoy seeing the nude shot of him with the towel when he gets older?

  2. Steph, thanks for viewing our photo tour.

    Mommy Ruth, we were glad you guys were there (and thank you for the yummy fish!).

    Andrew, thanks for the nice words about my photos…
    To answer your question, I do tend to think Mookie will live despite him being caught on camera in a towel (I actually thought the shot was quite modest).

    Pete, we do have some rather painful memories from fishing together! I can say that I did not cast at all on our Alabama trip, but I did learn to throw the cast net…a bit safer, eh?

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