What Does a Little Turtle Like to Eat Before Bedtime??


Well, of course he’s a turtle, can’t you see the shell tied onto his back with his big brother’s very turtle-patterned camo scarf?


Apparently turtles really love to lap up egg nog…especially when their mommies pour it into a nice plastic bowl.



2 Replies to “What Does a Little Turtle Like to Eat Before Bedtime??”

  1. He has always been one for a good costume. This one was his idea, though he needed some assistance with the execution.

    Tonight after his bath he donned his Cars “underbear” (as I call them) and then sat on the floor of his room with his entire bottom half swaddled in a towel. He called us all in to see him and proudly announced, “I am a MER-man!!”

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