Someone Remind Me How the Rules Work….

So…like…if I post twice in one day, does that let me off the hook for tomorrow? Hmmmm??

I haven’t even looked in, let alone touched my closet. Darn that gremlin.

But I did finish three loads of laundry. Not bad considering what all else was on my plate today.

And the inbox has been whittled from 424 emails down to a mere 136. Progress, yes?

So, not too long before the children and I headed downtown to drop Abigail off at her choir practice, I got a wild hare to do some furniture rearranging. All four kids helped me roll up our big 9 x 12 wool rug, then the children shook the rug pad outside for me while I vaccuummed under where it has been resting for over a year.

We pulled the rug further out into the center of the room so I could add two wing chairs from the front room on either side of the fireplace.


I then effectively pushed the rest of our seating out into the middle of the room so that it looks like this:


and this:


Now, we certainly could use a table or two here and there, but overall, I am pleased to know we can fit a good amount of furniture in here. It will be fun to have more chairs available when friends and family visit.


Or, on a more important note (so the children say), it is now possible to hop around the entire perimeter of the room, never touching the floor merely by bouncing from furniture piece to furniture piece.  Heh.

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  1. Thanks, Mom. It’s fun to shake things up a bit!

    We moved the green upholstered rocking chair that was in the back corner of the living room out to the front room – I figure we’ll need an extra space open with the tree in there in about a week or so anyway. But it won’t stay there forever, I don’t think.

    As great as that chair is, and as many wonderful memories as I have rocking my babies in it, it is really too large to work well in any of our rooms now. It is very long and wide and takes up a pretty big footprint.

    I will probably sell it at some point, and try to find some smaller scaled chairs to put in the front room or swap out with the two which are now flanking the fireplace.

  2. Thanks, Pete!

    When I asked Nicolas today if he liked the new arrangement, he answered quickly and very enthusiastically “YES!”. And then made me laught SO hard when he went and sat in one of the blue wing chairs and showed me how they are now PERFECTLY positioned to sit and play the wii…no need to even move the ottoman out of the way like they used to! Ah, the mind of a child…

  3. Hey, Trish!

    Nice arranging. I always love a good furniture-rearrangement. Feels refreshing, yes?

    Hey, where did you get your large rug? I’m in the market for one and don’t know where to start, other than Lowe’s. ha ha ha. 🙂

  4. FWIW, Katie is a big fan of Craig’s List (and occasionally eBay) for rug and furniture purchases. You can get some nice Pottery Barn stuff there for huge discounts

  5. I second the vote for Ebay/Craigs for all kinds of stuff, including rugs! We have a beautiful PBKids rug in our boys’ room that I snagged off Craigs in beautiful shape for less than a 1/3 of its original price.

    However, I will say that if it’s a large rug that is going to go in a living area, there is a HUGE benefit to the ability to return the piece and get your money back if it doesn’t fit/look right, and usually the only way to tell if it works in the room is to put the rug down on the floor and see it in the space, with your furniture, etc.

    I shopped locally all over (including Lowes!) and couldn’t find a look/feel that I liked that fit my budget. I wanted a wool rug if possible, but even the polyprolene rugs were hundreds of dollars here in the stores!

    My area rugs in our common rooms are all from I saw one in a local store so I got to see the quality/brand close up and personal (as well as the VERY high ticket price), and then I ordered a total of 4 rugs from the same maker online, each for a quarter of the price they sold for in stores.

    The ability to return/exchange came in handy — one rug’s colors just didn’t work as well in the room as we’d hoped, so we sent it back. We exchanged the living room rug for a larger size to better fit the room.

    Anyway, Angie…Happy Shopping!!

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