Supper Troubles

It is a bit of a disappointment, when upon going to check on your supper simmering nicely in the crockpot….

Which you added to the plugged-in crockpot several hours ago,

That you spent lots of time chopping and mixing together a little before that,

Because you wanted to enjoy a warm, homemade potato soup with your family on a chilly day,

And after all, you had several potatoes on hand which needed to be used,

And you even threw in the remnants of the bottle of Chardonnay that was opened a few nights ago (Because we all know that recipes just taste that much better with a bit of wine added in!)

….to find that the supposed-to-be-simmering soup is not simmering. Not exactly. And truthfully, it’s not quite yet hot. Or, patient reader, even the tiniest bit warm. Because for whatever reason, the outlet you’d plugged your trusty crockpot into IS NOT WORKING!! Bummer.

Cold potato soup with crunchy, uncooked potatoes and other veggies doesn’t sound as appealing as the warm and cooked variety. So, I’ve moved the crockpot to a different spot on the kitchen counter, picked a new outlet, and plugged the soup in. For real. At this rate it should be done by about 10:00 tonight. Which, to look on the positive side of all this, means I’ll have supper ready for tomorrow evening with no additional effort on my part.

But tonight, dear readers, we shall dine on omelets!!

What sort of meal (whether cooked or uncooked!) are you enjoying at your supper table??

5 Replies to “Supper Troubles”

  1. What a good attitude of flexibility you have! Dinner ready for tomorrow and impromptu omelets sound scrumptious!

    As for us, we shall be dining on tortilla soup and salad tonight.

  2. Ooh, Ooh! I can answer this one….(well, for last night, anyway…)

    See, I had this ham (BIG ham) I was going to cook for Christmas. Well, we ended up having a turkey instead, so I kept the ham in the fridge thinking I would cook it up soon. Well, finally in a seldom-seen display of spontaneity, I fixed it for dinner last Friday and invited some friends over, spur of the moment-like. They ate and we ate and it still wasn’t even dented…we’ve been having ham ever since. So last night, I fixed mac n cheese (b/c that’s one of the few things all the kids will eat) BUT I threw in a cup or two of chopped up ham. It was pretty good and had the added bonus that the kids didn’t really “see” the ham, so they were oblivious and ate it anyway. And, it was hot.

    But frankly, omelets sound yummilicious to me. Ooh! Maybe we’ll have THOSE for dinner tonight!! We have lots of ham to go in them!!

  3. When I was 25ish and working in a “real job” where I had to show up at work by 8:30, I poured the ingredients of this incredible dinner into the crockpot and left for work, excited about having a hot meal ready to serve to dinner guests (friends from college) that evening.

    Imagine the panic when I arrived home that evening and discovered that I hadn’t remembered to turn the crockpot ON!!

    We went out to eat instead and had a great time, but I can definitely relate to the cold crockpot encounter!

    Great “save” having omlettes!

  4. Super Suppers classic lasagna!

    Just went again Saturday with my Mom and we had a great time. Thanks for introducing me to the place.

  5. It’s tragic when a crock pot dies, but it’s something quite different when I forget to turn it on. For Christmas, I prepared the Wassail ingredients and went to bed thinking that I’d wake up to that delicious aroma. When our son came to wake us up, I took a deep breath. Something was wrong. Maybe it was just my status quo of congestion. When I arrived at the crock pot, I discovered I had not plugged it in. Even set on high, it wasn’t ready until dessert.

    Here’s our recipe:
    1 part cranberry juice
    2 parts apple cider
    1 orange studded with cloves
    3 or 4 cinnamon sticks.

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