Happy Birthday, Jay!

Today my sweet husband spent more time thinking about me than himself, despite the fact that it is his special day. He got up early with the kids, allowing me a rare morning of sleeping late, which was WONDERFUL!! This afternoon I got out for a couple hours sans children to do some errands and some fun window shopping. What a treat.

At the last minute, upon the Birthday Boy’s suggestion, we managed to garner a couple of lovely babysitters who facilitated a night out for us: dinner and a movie, so we finally saw Narnia. We thought the movie was incredibly well done and thoroughly enjoyed it. Sadly, we did not deem it appropriate fare for any of the youngsters in our household at this time, so they shall have to wait and enjoy it in another year, or two, or three….

Well, again, Happy Birthday to Jay. We love you very much!!

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  1. Many happy returns to my favorite Slum Lord!

    We enjoyed Narnia, too, on a similarly memorable day. Araceli’s parents took the three boys on a road trip to Corpus because we all expected the baby to arrive any day. We had a fabulous lunch at Americas with a generous gift certificate someone gave us. Then we went to the movies—something we never do anymore. Araceli’s water broke at 9:30 that night and the baby arrived a few hours later. It’s one of the happier memories we have.

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