Simple Pleasures

Again, borrowing from Leslie at Abiding, here are some simple pleasures I’ve enjoyed the last few days:

*Reading new library books with snuggly little children.

*An hour all to myself to go shopping.

*Sleeping late on Saturday (8:30 is late for us!).

*Getting dressed up to go out to an evening wedding with my husband.

*Dancing with my wonderful husband at that same wedding.

*Hearing our 2 year old sing song after song in his crib when we put him in bed for the night.

*Eating leftover turkey sandwiches. (Just so you’re not wondering if we’re still eating Christmas turkey, I cooked a second one a week after Christmas!)

*The feeling of accomplishment after making 4 turkey pies from the rest of the leftover bird.

*Starting a new novel.

*Riding a carousel with all three of my kids (none of them are afraid of it anymore!).

*Eating cheesecake and watching a movie in bed with my hubby after a long day.

Here is hoping you and your family are also enjoying simple pleasures in this new year.

3 Replies to “Simple Pleasures”

  1. Tricia,

    If you don’t consider these questions too nosy, I would love to know several things…

    *What novel are you reading?

    *What kind of cheesecake did you eat?

    *What movie did you watch?

    I enjoyed reading all of your joyful moments!

  2. Hi Leslie,
    Let’s see…

    The novel: I am alternating between a PD James mystery and another pseudo-mystery “The Pilot’s Wife” by Anita Shreve. These are my first books by either of these authors. As I am not very far into either, I cannot offer much comment on the stories. Time will tell…

    The cheesecake, I must say, was a freezer variety, store-bought and probably Sara Lee. I think it was their French Cheesecake. I was thinking “cheese, dairy, nutritional”!! (?) I don’t normally crave cheesecake, usually things in the chocolate family peak my interest more. But this sounded good for whatever reason. Jay and I are about to finish the last of it here in a moment.

    The movie: I cannot remember if that night it was part of the 3rd Lord of the Rings: Return of the King or an episode in our yearly holiday dvd addiction: 24. It’s a series that is filmed in real time and takes place over 24 hours of one day, in one hour (47 minute) increments. And most every episode closes with a stunning cliffhanger. So, it’s a bit tense at times! (I guess all this would make it technically NOT a movie, but we call any viewing of audio/visual media a “movie” or “dvd” interchangeably.) Though the series airs on television, we are almost nonexistent tv viewers and prefer the flexibility of enjoying the show on dvd. They release last year’s show on dvd around Thanksgiving each year, so we usually spend some of our “down” time during the holidays catching up on this.

    Hmmmm. That was probably way more detail than you wanted!! Thanks so much for stopping by.

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