Small Victories

Those of you who know our children well can attest to the fact that like many children, they are fairly picky eaters. I wrote about this last summer in Suppertime At the Hornes’.

Our youngest, Nicolas, has thus far held the honor in our family for pickiest eater. However, tonight, his enthusiasm for his supper almost brought tears to my eyes. He ate grilled chicken, long grain wild rice, and steamed green beans with vigor. While the chicken wasn’t too surprising, I was floored by his delight with the side dishes. He’s never allowed a green bean (other than the mushed-up infant variety served in a jar) past his sweet lips. Tonight he ate two without complaining! In addition, he had three nice-sized helpings of the rice, plus another three helpings of chicken. And indeed, his Mommy was smiling and pleased throughout the supper hour.

“It’s the little things, like green beans, that may yield some of the greatest feelings of contentment and gratitude at the end of the day.” ~Patricia Ann Horne

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  1. Now that a few more days have passed, did this turn out to be an exception (certainly one to cherish), or has Nicolas truly reformed? BTW, I just discovered all the new photos Jay has posted, so have “wasted” some fun time today!

  2. Hi Mom! It is hard to tell, since most meals we’ve had since then would qualify as some of his favorites. Pizza at all-church night, Mcd’s for Small Group night, and tonight Mac n Cheese for “kids eat before their parents have an in-house date with more “adult” foods” night! I will say though that he has begun eating apples which he’s never done before either, so that is a good sign!
    Glad you enjoyed the pics!

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