These Babies…They Just Keep On Growing Up!

Another child of mine has passed the huge milestone of graduating from pre-school. I remember distinctly when Jonathan finished preschool and I knew he’d be entering Kindergarten the next year. And he just felt too old, too soon.

Today was our last day of Chapel School, a sweet preschool coop which the little boys and I have loved greatly this year. We have made new friends, gotten to know some old friends better, and been very blessed by the loving and fun environment that is Chapel School. While we will not return next year, I hope when Josiah is older, that he and I can perhaps someday enjoy time again at Chapel School.

Along with our end of year picnic (held inside due to the rain), there was Chapel School graduation. And so I give you pics of our proud little graduate —

Here he is after passing through the streamers, waiting patiently while his cap and leigh are put on him:


A close-up of the grad with his special “diploma”:


And one more…just for fun!!


Congratulations, Nicolas! Kindergarten, here we come!!

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  1. I love the pageantry of passing through the streamers. What fun for the little graduates! Way to go, Nicolas!

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