Happy Endings

It is my delight to show you the newest dog to make the Happy Ending’s Page on Lone Star Lab’s website!!


Sweet baby Lulu has been adopted, and not just by any family, but a great family whom we happen to know and love! And whom we never anticipated would have any interest in a tiny lab puppy. But…we are completely thrilled at how this all turned out. My children, who had a hard time saying goodbye to Lulu, are so excited for their friends who now have a dog of their own to love. And they are more than a little happy that now they will get to watch Lulu as she grows up.


Me? I am happy for all that and more: we are back to just one crazy puppy at the Horne house, and for now, that is quite enough for us!


3 Replies to “Happy Endings”

  1. I thought you were going to say that Ruth and John adopted the dog; oh well, I guess they’re waiting for the perfect great dane to fall into their laps.

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