Sweet Providences and Blessings From the Past Few Days…

* two highly-encouraging parent-teacher conferences with our school-aged children’s instructors.

* pretty, spring-like weather, and working in the yard together as a family

* supper and fellowship with our church home group – and love and support and prayers from them

* beautiful flowers from a thoughtful friend

* a bequeathing of a little playhouse from a next-door neighbor for our children to enjoy in the backyard.

* Josiah telling me “I luz you” for the first time when I hadn’t told him so first.

* sweet find on Craigslist for my Honey – a manly, yet attractive Weirs leather recliner (we bought this BEFORE the layoff!)

* our daughter’s newfound love of baking, and the yummy results which we are all enjoying immensely.

* overwhelming expressions of care and support from all over, after our shocking news on Thursday.

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  1. A list like this is a great encouragement and it helps keep things in proper perspective, especially during “hard times.”

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