Getting laid off is a lot of work

Or, how I’ve stayed busy thus far, in no particular order.

  • Created a resume and sent it out (building a useful receiver list is actually quite time consuming)
  • Created another resume that is intelligible to smart folks who happen to not have a background in telecom
  • Sent that one out (much easier… just reused the previous receiver list)
  • Answered most every email that came back in response
  • Mailed rebate for new T-Mobile phone (easy)
  • Mailed rebate for new laptop (hard… somehow lost the receipt and had to drive back to the store)
  • Was conquered for the first time in my life by a piece of technology, my new T-Mobile Dash phone. I fought back, and I think I won, but it took quite a bit of time.
  • Got my laptop set up the way a laptop should be set up.
  • Filed for unemployment online
  • Called unemployment office to discuss the set of questions that were impossible for me to answer honestly. Here’s how it went down. Question: did you receive wages this week? Answer: Yes. Question: How many hours did you work for these wages? Answer: Zero. Oops. Zero isn’t a valid answer. But my job related activities were to all cease the day I was laid off. And I’m still on payroll for the time being.
  • Started jumping through hoops in support of unemployment insurance, whenever it does kick in. Pretty easy, really, as I was already doing all sorts of job searches and job applications and was keeping a journal of all of it.
  • Did all sorts of job searches and job applications and kept a detailed journal. Wrote cover letters where possible.
  • First went to the hospital at which all my children were born and then the county clerk’s office. Got a birth certificate for Josiah (already had one for the other kids).
  • Used birth certificates and tax returns to prove my dependents are really my dependents so they stay covered on my insurance (for the short time I have it). I call this the new “No (love) child left behind” except, of course, they are trying to leave (love) children behind.
  • Had the first killer migraine I’ve had in a couple years. Really bad. I’m at a loss as to what the trigger was, given that I generally get migraine’s from emotional stress.
  • Canceled lots of services, including my broadband card with Verizon Wireless.
  • Desperately tried to pay off my Verizon account, but no one would take my money since, you know, my account was canceled. Like this was a new situation they had never encountered. Eventually had to drive to an ATM, get lots of cash, then drive to a Verizon store and hand the cash to them.
  • Sent in various signed pieces of information to various locations to secure my severance package.
  • Went on bike ride with my dad, a round trip from Valley View Park to White Rock Lake. On the way, we were pushing into 70 mile an hour wind. I don’t remember coming back, as the 8 miles went by so quickly it was a blur, what with a typhoon blowing us home.
  • Worked most nights very late into the night / early morning looking over job posts and responding to email.
  • Pretended Friday was Saturday (you can do that when you don’t have a job). In the morning, enjoyed a wonderful grandparent’s day program at the Covenant School. Then spent some time weeding the yard and hanging out. Even flew kites with the kids at the nearby elementary school yard.
  • Will probably end up pretending Saturday is Friday…

5 Replies to “Getting laid off is a lot of work”

  1. Ironically, I guess, you’ll have to go through just as many hoops when you get a new job! Nothing is simple.

  2. You forgot to put down, “wrote this blog post.” It’s an impressive list–be proud of yourself for all that you are doing!!! Unemployment stinks, but luckily you don’t. =)

  3. Rented “Brotherhood of the Wolf” this weekend and am sitting down to watch it now, which of course makes me think of you since we were always planning to watch it together and never did. I did rent and watch it back in Plano but have wanted to see it again for some time. I would have liked to see it with you back in November but I still think “Hot Fuzz” was the money choice at that moment.

    Realizing all over again how much I miss sneaking out to matinees and guys’ nights out. Hope I can see you soon.

  4. Wow. Job-hunting really is a full-time job. Hopefully it’s not as full-time as Alcatel.

    Thanks for the tips on Verizon and unemployment (though hopefully I will never have to use either).

  5. Ironically, I just canceled my company Verizon account this past Friday (everyone in my district is moving to AT&T for the better plans and phones).

    It was quite possibly the easiest service cancellation that I have ever done in my life.

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