San Antonio

This past weekend, I took Friday off and we drove down to San Antonio sans Nicolas (who enjoyed a couple nights with Grammy and Grandy). There we had the pleasure of witnessing the wedding of Patrick and Aubree Shay. In 1994 when I led the 7th & 8th grade Wednesday night Bible study at TNPC, Patrick was one of my finest pupils, and it has been a tremendous pleasure watching him grow up into a fine young man.

Now, there is much more to this story, particularly regarding the dessert-only reception at which my 3 year old son Jonathan got hyped up on sugar like never before and went to another plane of existence, but I mainly want to post a couple photos from Saturday, so I’ll cut to the chase. Saturday morning found us at SeaWorld, where we spent a fun-filled, hectic, hot day before driving back to Dallas that same day… in the future, we’ll spread things out a bit more! Here’s a couple of my shots that came out well.

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  1. Hey, were you guys at the SeaWorld show where the killer whale went berserk? It was all over the Dallas news last night and again (of course) this morning.

    Lots of sugar + preschool children = plot line for the next blockbuster scary movie, in my experience!

  2. This brings back memories of long ago when Sea World opened in Florida, but our pictures were never this good!

  3. Thank you, Hornes, for coming to the wedding! I know first-hand that Patrick, Aubree, and all our families loved getting to see your family there. Great shots of Shamu!

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